Reservation conditions


The cost of every trip is detailed in the leaflet and on the websites, and, dependent upon departure point and age. We will not accept any bookings without payment via credit card (telephone reservations and online) or cash via official sales points (SARFA ticket offices, specific tourist information offices, tourist partner locations and at the Viatges Sarbus S.L offices situated at Ronda de Sant Pere, 21 Barcelona).


The cost only includes the services detailed in each trip description. For children aged between 4-10 years, the published price includes a child menu. For children under 4 years old, lunch is not included.



The timetables are published on the website as well as in the leaflets. We request your punctuality during all excursions and activities, especially at the specified departure times. If someone is late, we cannot guarantee to wait for them.



Viatges Sarbus reserves the right to modify or cancel the trips and/or some of the published activities in case of circumstances beyond our control. In case the client cancels:


- they will incur administrative costs, cancellation charges where applicable and a penalty fee equal to 5% of the total cost of the trip where notification was received 10-15 days prior to the departure date; 15% 3-10 days prior to the departure date and 25% for notifications received within 48 hours of the departure date.


Non-appearance at the stated departure time, will forfeit all rights to receive a refund. However, the company will offer the possibility to re-book an alternative trip at an equivalant price.


All cancellations must be notified in writing via e-mail ( or via fax on 972.300.039.



The company assumes no responsibility for items lost in the vehicle or at the different locations visited or during the various activities.



The purchase and payment of services assumes that the travel agency and the client have noted and accepted all the general terms and conditions.



The company has all the policies required by law to carry out its activities.



Children under 4 years old will enjoy free travel when sharing a seat with an accompanying adult.




I. Regulations

In accordance with Llei Orgànica 15/1999, 13th December, personal data protection (“LOPD”) in the Royal decree 1720/2007, in which the development regulations of LOPD (“RLOPD”) are approved along with the rest of these regulations, MOVENTIS informs web users that they can voluntary provide us with personal information via personal data forms on the web or via e-mail. All this information will be stored in a secure file and will be cared for by MARFINA S.L ("MARFINA") the leading organisation of MOVENTIS ("Grup MOVENTIS"), as indicated on the web.


Click for the list of MOVENTIS companies. here.


The gathering of personal data where necessary is done automatically through conventional means and stored within the files of MARFINA or Grup MOVENTIS companies, who are responsible for the files and legally registered with Registre General de l’ Agencia de Protecció de Dades Personals.


With all personal information data forms on the website, it is clearly shown in each case who is responsible for the use and protection of this personal information data.


II. Exercise the rights of ARCO

The exercising of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (hereby known as "ARCO") can be done through current regulations via an e-mail request sent to, or to the postal address MOVENTIS - Dept. Assessoria Jurídica, Pau Vila, 22, 4ª planta – edifici Helion, 08174, Sant Cugat del Vallès, attaching a copy of your DNI or equivalent document to correctly identify yourself.


III. Quality of personal information

Not completing or partially completing personal information required on our website could mean that Grup MOVENTIS are unable to fulfill your web request or provide our usual website services.


In all cases, the user is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Grup MOVENTIS companies reserve the right to exclude from our services any user who has supplied incorrect or false information, without predjudice to any other information supplied that is correct.


The user is responsible for informing the file administrator of any changes to their previously supplied personal information, in order that our files are kept up-to-date and error free.


Grup MOVENTIS companies adhere to the current regulations concerning the cancellation of personal information not required for the purpose in which it was originally intended. In this case, the information is blocked for a set period of time in order to responsibly take care of the data. Once this period of time ends, the information is destroyed using secure methods.


Children under 14 years old cannot send personal information without the consent of a parent or guardian. Grup MOVENTIS companies are not responsible for any personal information sent by children under 14 years of age without permission.


IV. Specially protected data

In circumstances where information is provided about the user's ideology, affiliated union, religion or beliefs as well as their race, health or sexuality, the user must provide explicit written consent before we can use this data, as required under the current regulations concerning personal data protection.


In respect of the provision of data to a third party, we will inform the user before proceeding and provide them with the opportunity to decline, as required under the current regulations.


V. The reason for the gathering and use of personal data

The reason for the gathering and use of personal data is so we can contact the user, administer their requirements, comment, report events or make suggestions; administer basic tasks and give quotations, correctly administer the purchase of a bonus trip; administer membership, modify or cancel loyalty cards; maintain contact via e-mail or any other means to inform about new products and services (when required to administer the provision of special services) relating to road travel transportation businesses; and to administer participation in training courses and the recruitment process.


In respect of personal data used exclusively for promotions and publicity, the user is given the opportunity to decline its use at the time they are entering personal data. The user will also be provided with a simple and free service that allows them to decline at anytime.


If the user does not wish to receive this information, they can freely communicate their decision through the previously indicated way of exercising their ARCO rights, or by clicking on the appropriate website button provided. The user can always retrospectively revoke their acceptance of sales information or marketing.


VI. Transfer of personal data

In respect of transferring personal data to a third party, the user will, in each case, be given the right to decline.


If the user does not wish for their personal details to be used by a different company within the Group that has requested their personal data, the user must click on the relevant website button provided on the page in use.


Consent for the use of personal data can be retrospectively revoked at any time.


VII. Security measures

We have adopted the personal data security measures required in the current regulations. We have introduced other measures to avoid alteration, loss of and unauthorised use and access of personal data. This conforms to article 9 LOPD as well as pending regulations.


We guarantee that we have adopted the proper measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of data sent to us via the web. We use SSL digital technology (Secure Socket Layer), which is a system that enables the encryption of sent information and avoids it being read, even when it is intercepted. However, the user must be aware that security measures on the web are not impregnable.


When you access our website we don't store any information via cookies, that automatically recognise your visits.


This website contains links to other Grup Moventis companies.


VIII. Amendments to the privacy policy.

Grup Moventis companies reserve the right to modify the privacy policy to conform with new legislation or case law. Any such change will be notified well in advance via our website, before being put into practice.


They will also provide users with technical services in order that they can be kept informed and pre-advised regarding the privacy and protection of personal data, as well as being informed about the obtaining of consent for personal data use, at anytime this information is collected through the website.


IX. General information

We act according to article 10 of the Llei 34/2002, 11th July, by Serveis de la Societat de la Informació i de Comerç Electrònic because we want to provide transparency. Users are informed of this on our website:

- Company name: MOVENTIS

- Registered name: MARFINA, S.L.

- Registered Office: Sabadell – Barcelona, Passeig del comerç, 100

- Contact address: Sant Cugat del Vallès – Barcelona, Pau Vila, 22, 4ª planta – edifici Helion, 08174

- CIF number: B-59372755

- Registration details in the Registre Mercantil de Barcelona: assentament núm. 3.689, foli 103, volum 20.407, full B-6285, inscripció 1ª

e-mail address:

Viatges Sarbus